(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg: U-Z

As there are so many abbreviations in the luxemburgish finance sector, we try to present you the most commonly used. It can always be helpful to know these abbreviations when working in Luxembourg or looking for a new job in Luxembourg.


USP Unique Selling Proposition



VAD Value-Added Distributor
VAT Value-Added Tax
VAR Value-Added Reseller
VC Venture Capital
VaR Value at Risk



WACC Weighted average cost of capital
WC Working capital
wasp weighted average selling price
WLL With Limited Liability
w.r.t With Respect To
WVN Withdraw Voucher Note
WHT Withholding Tax
WTO World Trade Organization



YTD Year-to-date
YTG Year-to-go
YOY Year-over-year
YTC Yet-To-Confirm



zcyc Zero Coupon Yield Curve
ZOPA Zone of Possible Agreement


Please find here the overview of all financial abbreviations in Luxembourg

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