Job board jungle: general job boards vs. niche job boards

Job boards in Luxemburg: How to select the right one?

Most of the companies use job boards as a way to quickly find qualified personnel for their company. However, the variety of job boards can quickly become overwhelming and, if the wrong choice is made, costly and inefficient. 

Therefore, we would like to briefly present the differences between various types of platforms. 

  • General job boards such as StepStone or Monster have a high reach due to their popularity and the use of many job seekers. This fact can be both beneficial and detrimental to you. On the one hand, the chance of finding a potential candidate is greater with a high reach, on the other hand, there is the risk of being lost due to the high volume of advertisements. 
  • Niche job boards such as or or RegioAnzeiger have a smaller, but much more efficient reach. By targeting candidates and industries, you are likely to find a qualified candidate faster. 

Basically, you need to determine which of the two job board types is more suitable to fill your company’s vacancy. 

Particularly for industry-specific jobs that require precise job specifications, posting on niche job boards can make sense. For jobs that require less high qualifications, general job boards with a high reach are recommended. 

Furthermore, one should compare the prices of the job boards. Booking several individual portals to publish identical job ads quickly becomes costly. Therefore, it is worthwhile to book job board packages through personnel marketing agencies – here you can expect savings of more than 50% compared to individual bookings. 


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