finance jobs is “on air” with it’s first radio interview I’m surprised what software and the right technicians can do with my voice 🙂 My interview with CityRadioTrier is running all day long. We talk about Employer Branding for SME’s & start ups and how small companies should improve their candidate experience. If you want to learn more about how to improve your Employer

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Candidate Experience – The Do’s and Dont’s – part II

How to drastically improve your Candidate Experience Interviewing and Hiring Process – It’s all about the right candidate. The interview situation is a crucial point in the recruitment process as it might be the first and only personal contact between the candidates and your company. In an ideal world, the interviewing process could look like this: Send the candidate an

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Candidate Experience – The Do’s and Dont’s

Part 1 Candidate Experience –The importance behind it. What does it mean – candidate experience? Is it only the experience of a candidate during recruitment interviews or is it the experience along the recruitment process? Or does Candidate Experience stand for a process starting at the job advertisement and ending with the contract signature or even going beyond the on-boarding

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Getting out of the office

How to start our business – how to promote it! We have started our activities, launched the website, designed the logo and now it’s time to get out of the office to promote what we are doing. These are the events for the month of May: 08.05.2019 University of Applied Sciences Trier: We will present the Luxembourgian labor market and

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Junior Accountant – general job description

Junior Accountant Location: Luxembourg, Kirchberg Industry: Banking, Finance, Accounting Hours: Full-time, 40 hours per week Salary range: EUR 50-60.0000 Description: ABC Bank Sàrl seeks a full-time Junior Accountant to take care of several banking clients. Responsibilities: Prepare, examine and analyse accounting records, financial statements, or other financial reports to assess completeness, accuracy, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards. Make asset,
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Wie läuft der Rekrutierungsprozess in den meisten Unternehmen ab?

In der Regel läuft der Prozess genauso ab, wie in Deutschland auch. Die bevorzugt auf elektronischem Wege eingereichten Bewerbungsunterlagen werden durchgeschaut (neudeutsch: gescreent). Wenn das Screening positiv ist, gibt es viele Unternehmen die zunächst ein telefonisches Interview (meist auf Englisch) durchführen. Wenn dies ebenfalls positiv war, werden sie zu einem persönlichen Gespräch eingeladen. Je nachdem wie weit ihr Anfahrtsweg ist,
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Der luxemburgische Arbeitsmarkt – einige Vor(ur)teile

Ich arbeite nun seit über 10 Jahren in Luxemburg, sowohl im Bereich HR, als auch im Bereich Finance und möchte daher einige Vorurteile über den luxemburgischen Arbeitsmarkt aus dem Weg räumen: Wer in Luxemburg arbeiten will muss die französische Sprache beherrschen. Das ist so nicht richtig. In sehr vielen (internationalen) Unternehmen ist die interne Kommunikation auf Englisch. Es gibt auch
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Graduate jobs in Advisory / Consulting

The salaries in finance depend on the size of the company that hires you, the departement which you will work in and also your final diploma (Bachelor, Master, Phd). You also need to know that companies in Luxembourg offer on top of salary additional benefits (like meal vouchers, company insurance, cars, 13 months payment) and, sometimes, bonuses as well. Please
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(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg: U-Z

As there are so many abbreviations in the luxemburgish finance sector, we try to present you the most commonly used. It can always be helpful to know these abbreviations when working in Luxembourg or looking for a new job in Luxembourg. U USP Unique Selling Proposition   V VAD Value-Added Distributor VAT Value-Added Tax VAR Value-Added Reseller VC Venture Capital
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