IAE Metz – Training

Merci beaucoup pour l’invitation Metz Consulting et IAE Metz. Le 3 décembre nous allons donner une conférence sur les perspectives de carrière au Luxembourg. Tous secteurs confondus, tous domaines d’activité – de la start up au grand groupe international. Ensuite nous allons faire passer des simulations d’entretiens d’embauches pour des étudiants intéressés. En Anglais, Français, ou en Allemand. Cela aidera

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Just graduated? Start your international career in Luxembourg!

You just finished your studies? 👩‍🎓 You are looking for a first job in an international environment? So, what about working in Luxembourg?🇱🇺 1. Most Luxembourgish people are multilingual, speaking 3-4 languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, and English 2. Luxembourg is in the centre of Europe with many European cities and financial centres being less then one hour away: London, Berlin,

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Welcome on www.financejobs.lu You want to get to know the financial world of Luxembourg and get information about finance jobs? Then you are exactly right here. At www.financejobs.lu , profiles and jobs for financial professionals are presented at regular intervals. We will tell you what skills you need for which financial job in Luxembourg. In addition, we give you application

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