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(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg A-B

  (Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg The financial world of Luxembourg is full of abbreviations. In order to be well prepared, we present you some of the most common abbreviations. A ADR American Depositary Receipt AP Accounts payable ASAP As soon as possible agcy. Agency agt. Agent asst. Assistant a/c. Account   B B2C Business to Consumer B2G Business-to-government BUSI business Continue reading

Risk Manager

Responsibilities of a Risk Manager in Luxembourg are: Participate at Senior Management Meetings. Review and assess the effectiveness of the company’s risk framework and make useful suggestions to improve the system. Provide training to Senior Risk Officers and Junior Risk Officers. Assisting Senior Risk Officers in their tasks and supervise fieldwork. Control the observance of deadlines. Control and monitor the Continue reading

Did you know…

What you don’t know about the financial place of Luxembourg (part II): Luxembourg is the world’s unique Grand Duchy. Luxembourgers speak Luxembourgish, the German language is the first language taught in school and used in the media and also used by the church while most official (written) business is conducted in French. With nearly 550 thousand inhabitants, Luxembourg is the Continue reading

Did you know…

What you don’t know about the financial place of Luxembourg: Luxembourg has the highest ratio of telephone lines to people in the world. It’s 79.68 telephone lines per 100 inhabitants. Every inhabitant owns in average one-and-a-half mobile phones. Luxembourg is one of the safest place on earth. A recent UN survey on crime reveals, that you have less chance of Continue reading is the top job board in Luxembourg with job offers dedicated to candidates with financial expertise.

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