(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg: K-M

(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg: K-M

As there are so many abbreviations in the luxemburgish finance sector, we try to present you the most commonly used. It can always be helpful to know these abbreviations when working in Luxembourg or looking for a new job in Luxembourg.


KIBOR Karachi Interbank Offered Rate
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KYC Know Your Customer



LBO Leveraged Buyout
LC Letter of credit
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate
LIFFE London International Financial Futures and Options
LIFO Last In, First Out
LLC Limited Liability Company
LME London Metal Exchange
Ltd. Limited Company


MBS mortgage-backed security
mfg. Manufacturing
MGMT Management
MIC Market Identifier Code
MoM Month on Month / Month over
MOQ Minimum Order Quantity
MSOD Monthly Statement of Select Operational Data
MTD Month-to-date

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