Robo-Advisors in Luxembourg (part II)

Robo-Advisors in Luxembourg (part II) by Arnd Heßeler, Maria Katharina Heiden, Joël Theisen, and Sylvia Drewling, zeb Consulting* Performance and transparency In contrast to the funds business, where product quality can be measured transparently by means of the fund price, the performance of robo-advisors is not transparent, as the strategies are carried out within the individual client accounts and

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Robo-Advisors in Luxembourg (part I)

Robo-Advisors in Luxembourg (part I) by Arnd Heßeler, Maria Katharina Heiden, Joël Theisen, and Sylvia Drewling, zeb consulting* Robo-advisors aim for a digital revolution in the asset management industry. Known at the beginning from the startup scene, many of the established providers are now setting up their own Robo-advisor. But how is the concept taking off in Luxembourg’s finance industry?

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Winning the “war for talents” with SEO part II

Winning the “war for talents” with SEO part II Using an ATS – what’s important? Many career pages are built with an ATS software (Applicant Tracking System). Unfortunately most ATS based career pages are built up for a smooth recruitment process but are not necessarily SEO friendly. It’s really important that search engines can crawl the job descriptions on the

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2019 Global Competitiveness Index: Luxembourg

2019 Global Competitiveness Index: Luxembourg Globally, Luxembourg ranks on place 18, out of 141 countries, climbing up one place compared to 2018. Within Europe, Luxembourg ranks 8th. Luxembourg’s strengths and weaknesses The strongest point is it’s macroeconomic stability (1st place), followed by its institutions (rank 9), the financial system (rank 10), and the markets for products (rank 11) and labour

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Recruitment training: Financejobs at the university of applied sciences Trier

Recruitment training: Our little CSR steps continue! Next week we are back at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Our first event in march 2019 was such a success that they decided to re-invite us. We will give a short presentation about hints and tips during the recruitment process and afterwards have 4 hours of individual interview simulations (either in

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An interview with us about finance jobs

Luxembourg & Finance jobs Gero Hesse, one of Germany’s Employer Branding specialists has published a little interview with us on his website. 👍 So if you want to know what our visions for the future are, why we rely on the integration of Google Maps into our job board and why CSR is important for us, here’s the interview:

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Fill the recruitment gap

Dear recruiters, Filling the recruitment gaps – that can be so exhausting, right? We are a young Luxembourgish start up and can help you fill your finance positions. And not only for compliance officers…😉 We have set up the first regional job board for finance experts in Luxembourg. And this is our first recruitment video. Some other videos will

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Luxembourg: the world’s best country regarding the economy and job security

Guess which country was voted “the world’s best country regarding the economy and job security for the fifth year in a row”? * Indeed, we talk about Luxembourg! The country was ranked third in the category “world for Working Abroad” and was even voted “the best destination in the Economy & Job Security subcategory”. More than 20.000 respondents can’t be

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Moody’s: AAA rating for Luxemburg

Great news for Luxembourg: The rating agency Moody’s has confirmed Luxemburg’s AAA rating with a stable outlook. One of the main reasons is “Luxembourg’s robust growth performance and extraordinarily high wealth levels”. Some further reasons are a “very strong institutional framework, reflected in very strong governance indicators and effective financial services sector regulation and supervision” and furthermore “the very high

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