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Digital recruiting

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talentmindz – We care about you

Digital recruiting

About the Company

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join one of our clients!

We are a full-service HR start up, working out of Wasserillig (Luxembourg)

We are HR professionals with 15 years of experience, Digital HR experts and Cross border recruiters.

We help companies to boost their visibility, receive more suitable candidates and speed up their recruitment process.


Our Values

You can count on us to guide you through the recruitment process, and to prepare you for the interviews and salary negotiations.

We fully protect your personal information and assure confidentiality through the entire recruitment process.

With 15 years experience in Finance and HR, we easily understand what might be the right step in your career.

Our Core Beliefs

Beside the fact that we help companies and institutions to grow, we decided to set some other, non-profit oriented goals.

How can we reduce our ecological footprints?

How can we contribute to the development of our society?

How can we share our knowledge and help others to develop themselves?


Do you want to learn more about us?

Visit us at www.talentmindz.lu or send us an Email at Pascal.Schaefer@talentmindz.lu


What counts is your development – and we will guide you through this process.


Contact Us

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