How to prepare for an interview – part 2

How to prepare for an interview – part 2

You are invited to an interview in Luxembourg and you have some days left before the interview takes place?

Take your time and prepare yourself for the interview. Your success will certainly also depend on your own preparation!

  1. Prepare your clothes early enough.

Figure out what to wear for the interview and don’t prepare it the evening before the interview. You might be surprised to realize that the clothes you would like to wear are neither laundered nor ironed.

  1. Try to practice the most common interview questions.

We have prepared several interviews questions which we advise you to read. Imagine you were in the interview and give your answers voiceful.

  1. Know the questions you will ask your interviewers.

Prepare the questions beforehand and repeat them in front of a mirror. This gives you the possibility to see how you use your body language and how you can improve the way you ask questions.

  1. Know when you have to be at the interview place, how long it will take you to go there and find out where to park.

  2. Know the local specificities of Luxembourg.

– What is the country know for?

– What is the economical and political situation?

– Why do you want to work in this country?


If you follow some of these advises you are already well prepared for your interviews.

Good luck for your job search and interviews in Luxembourg!

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