How to prepare for an interview – part 1

How to prepare for an interview – part 1

You are invited to an interview in Luxembourg and you have some days left before the interview takes place?

Take your time and prepare yourself for the interview. Your success will certainly also depend on your own preparation!

There are some simple rules which need to be respected if you prepare for an interview.

8 rules for the successful preparation of an interview.

  1. Know your CV.

Take a copy with you and know exactly when you have worked in which company and what your tasks have been. You should not skim through your CV if asked what your responsibilities where in company XY.

  1. Know the company.

Do some research on the company.

What are the latest news?

What is the business about?

What is the company’s social culture like and how do you fit into this culture?

What is the structure of the company?

What are the latest figures?

How is the development of the company?

Pay especially attention to aspects that might have an impact on your position.

  1. Know the position you apply for.

Read the job description attentively and try to figure out what your responsibilities will be.

What fits with your profile and what does not fit? Know how to explain the points which do not fit.

What are the qualifications needed and which experience is asked for?

If the job description is not meaningful, try to find out what you different tasks could be.

  1. Know how to present yourself.

Very often candidates introduce themselves in less than one minute. This is way too short.

You can talk up to five minutes and if you are well prepared, this will not bother you interviewer.

Talk about:

  • Your educational background and the classes you have taken.

  • Your professional experiences and your responsibilities.

  • Your interest for the new job and the new company (if the interviewer lets you speak).


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