(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg: C


(Financial) abbreviations in Luxembourg

The financial world of Luxembourg is full of abbreviations. In order to be well prepared for a Job interview in Luxembourg, we present you some of the most common abbreviations.


CAO Chief Administrative Officer
CAPM Capital asset pricing model
CDO Collateralized debt obligation
CDM Change and Data Management
CDS Credit default swap
CEO Chief executive officer
COA Chart of Account
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFD Contract for difference
CFCT Cash Flow Cycle Time
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFS Consolidated Financial Statement
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
COB Close of Business
Corp. Corporation
COO Chief Operating Officer
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPU Cost per Unit
CSR Corporate social responsibility
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CVP Cost Volume Profit
C2B Consumer-to-business

If you are looking for jobs in Luxembourg, these abbreviations can be helpful.

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