Talent attractiveness: Luxembourg in the Top 3!

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Talent attractiveness: Luxembourg in the Top 3!

According to a global study of 150 cities worlwide, Luxembourg city ranks on the 3rd place concerning the most attractive cities for today’s workforce! Zurich (1st) and Geneva (2nd) are at the head of the survey.

This interactive map is created by AIRINC, an american company, specialised on international mobility since 1954.

Global 150 Cities Index – Top 10

1 Zurich, Switzerland

2 Geneva, Switzerland

3 Luxembourg city, Luxembourg

4 Munich, Germany

5 Vienna, Austria

6 New York NY, U.S.A.

7 Berlin, Germany

8 Toronto ON, Canada

9 Calgary AB, Canada

10 San Francisco CA, U.S.A.

The Global 150 Cities Index illustrates the cities with the best combination of financial and lifestyle benefits. The survey is based on Financial and Lifestyle metrics:

Financial metrics

Local salary levels: The input is based on AIRINC’s own salary base data.

Tax rates: The research team evaluates national and local taxes, social security payments, and family allowances.

Costs (split into Housing + Cost-of-Living): A basket of more than 350 goods and services, including amongst others the prices for “Housing, Utilities, Transportation, Food, Drink, Recreation, Clothing, Domestic Help, Household Supplies, Communications, Home Furnishings, Personal Care, and Medical” represents the cost of living in each surveyed city.

Lifestyle metrics

Living conditions / Quality of Living / Social Benefits: The research team evaluates each city for more than 60 elements. Those are again split into 11 categories like “Physical Threat and Safety (e.g., violence, crime, medical), Discomfort (e.g., climate, pollution, isolation), Inconvenience (e.g., availability of housing, recreation, goods and services, education facilities).”

All data, which is collected by AIRINC’s own in-house research unit, is constantly updated in order to evaluate international mobility.

What do we learn from this ranking?

Only the right combination of competitive salaries, reasonable tax rates and favourable living conditions will attract future candidates!

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