Professional associations in Luxemburg

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Professional associations in Luxemburg

A huge number of professional associations can be found in Luxembourgs financial industry.

They all support their respective sector and overall promote the image of Luxembourg as one of the most important financial hubs in Europe and worldwide. The professional associations also defend the interests of employees working in this financial sector.

Abbreviation Full name Website
ABBL Association des Banques et Banquiers
ACA Association des compagnies d’assurances
APSFS Association des PSF de support  
ALCO Association luxembourgeoise des compliance officers du secteur financier
ALFI Association luxembourgeoise des fonds d’investissement
ALPP Association luxembourgeoise des Professionnels du Patrimoine
CC Chambre de commerce Luxembourg
CAA Commissariat aux Assurances
CSSF Commission de surveillance du secteur financier
BARREAU Ordre des avocats du Barreau de Luxembourg
IRE Institut des réviseurs d’entreprises
LFF Luxembourg for Finance
LIMSA Luxembourg International Management Services Association
LPEA Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association
OEC Ordre des Experts-comptables
PROFIL Fédération des professionnels du secteur financier, Luxembourg

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